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E d u c a t i o n


2013-2016            Edinburgh College of Art, University of Edinburgh (Scotland, UK)

                             Intermedia (Honors)

2010-2013            Dartmouth College (Hanover, NH, United States)

                             Biology (Ecology) and Fine Art

2004-2010            Hunter College High School (New York, NY)


A w a r d s


2015     Principal’s Fund, University of Edinburgh – grant given for creating an educational exchange program teaching                poetry and art in Britain and Japan.

2014     Barnson Bequest Award, University of Edinburgh – grant given for cultural expedition to Japan.

2014     Production Placement, Imaginate-Creative Scotland – grant given for stage-design placement in Jabuti Theatre,                for Creative Scotland-funded production, My City.

2013     Presidential Scholarship for continued scientific research, Dartmouth College

2012     Third Honor Group for Academic Standing, Dartmouth College

2012     Stefansson Research Fellowship, Dartmouth College –grant given for research expedition to lake Baikal,                          Siberia.

2011     HHMI Research Scholarship for research in Environmental Geology, Dartmouth College

2010     The 2010 Carol Ruth Lerner Award recognizing creativity in Liberal Arts

2010     School Science Fair winner – 2007 (The Effect of Ground-Level Ozone on Fresh Water Ecosystems), 2008 (The              Effect of Ground-Level Ozone on the Growth, Development, and Photosynthetic Ability of Brassica Rapa).

2010     The Bertha Cohen Ross Award for Excellence in Drawing and Painting

2010     The Hazel Goodale Award for excellence in English

2010     The Random House, Inc. Creative Writing Competition Award for Poetry

             (3rd place in Borough)

2008     Finalist, New York City Science and Engineering Fair

             Award for an outstanding project in the environmental sciences category

             Winner, Regional Ricoh Sustainable Development Award

             Winner, AWG Student Award for Geoscience Excellence on Behalf of the Association of Women Geoscientists

2007     Winner, Brooklyn Friends of Clearwater Award

             Finalist, New York City Science and Engineering Fair


E x h i b i t i o n s 


Aug 2015                 In Basho’s Footsteps Solo Exhibition as part of Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Installation, video-art,                                      performance, and paintings inspired by journey through Japan in Coburg House Gallery,                                                    Edinburgh, UK.

                                 Read more about In Basho's Footsteps: IN BASHO's FOOTSTEPS

                                 Read the Press about the adventure and exhibition: PRESS ABOUT IN BASHO's FOOTSTEPS

                                 Read a Review of In Basho's Footsteps in the SCOTSMAN

Feb 2015                  Leaf Storm and Video Haiku 1 installation, video art and performance in the “En Dehors” Festival                                      in Paris 3, Sorbonne in Paris, France.

Jan-Feb 2015           Leaf Storm and Video Haiku 1 installation, video art and performance in Whitespace Gallery in                                          Edinburgh, UK.

                                 Exhibition-related led workshop: Art, Travel and Meditation.

Nov-Jan 2014           Bare Exhibition in the Staircase Gallery, Balloch, UK.

Nov-Dec 2013          7 Billion to One Exhibition in Bar Ten, in Glasgow, UK.

Nov-Dec 2012          The Art in Biology Exhibition in the Institute of Arctic Biology in University of Alaska, Fairbanks.




P u b l i c a t i o n s


March 2013    “A Superior Adventure.” Woodsmoke Magazine.  

                        (Article and photos published in the annual Outdoor adventure magazine, Woodsmoke, describing my                               story, research, and experiences on my circumnavigation of Siberia´s Lake Baikal.)


March 2012   “Conservation genetics of harvested river turtles, Podocnemis expansa and Podocnemis unifilis, in the                               Peruvian Amazon: All roads lead to Iquitos.” Co–author, with Dr. Oscar Pineda-Catalan, Martin Mendez;                         Miguel Pinedo; Alonso Aguirre; Carmen Rosa Garcia Davila; George Amato. Mitochondrial DNA.

                        (The result of my collaborative work with Oscar Pineda, my mentor at the American Museum of Natural                           History)


2006-2010       E Magazine.

                        Founder and Editor-in-Chief of E Magazine, the first fashion, art, and photography                                                             magazine of Hunter College High School. 


A r t s   a n d   E d u c a t i o n


Summer 2015        Co-Founder of The Bard and the Banana Tree, an international-exchange teaching program of Arts                                    and Poetry between rural schools in the UK and Japan.

Spring 2015           Set and Costume Designer for La Malle des Indes production Archipel. Paris, France.

Spring 2014           Commission by Edinburgh Zoo – Design and painting of gateway to education center.

Winter 2014          Adopt an Artist Program with George Heriot’s School and the National Galleries of Scotland. I acted                              as visiting artist and assisted in an integrated learning program in George Heriot’s school, which                                    used arts-based learning to teach Shakespeare within the broader structure of the ordinary literature                                curriculum. Using the children’s drawings, I created an installation that shed new light on a familiar                              classic. All the work was displayed in the National Gallery of Scotland.                                                                        []

Winter 2014          Project Placement with Jabuti Theatre through Imaginate of Creative Scotland. I was employed by                                Jabuti Theatre and Vision Mechanics to assist with the set and costume design/construction of their                                piece “My City.” I was awarded a placement through Imaginate to sponsor my work

Fall 2013               Employment as Gallery Assistant at Inverleith House Gallery of the Royal Botanical Gardens in                                       Edinburgh, Scotland.

Winter 2013          Organized Multi-media The Art in Biology exhibition within the Institute of Arctic Biology in                                           University of Alaska, Fairbanks

Winter 2013          Graphic Designer for La Malle des Indes production of the play Les Contes du Logicien. Paris,                                           France.

Fall 2012               Employment as Layout Artist, graphic designer and photographer for Alaskan Landtrust Annual                                       Newsletter.

2011-2012             Employment in the Francis C. Richmond Middle School. Mentor of “Drawing Club” and “Outdoors                                 skills club” for children grades 1-6

Fall 2011               Set and Costume Designer, and Graphic Artist for There Will be Time a devised play by director                                         Matthieu Tricaud. The play was a movement-based piece incorporating live music and dance                                             performance integrated with a complex, moving set.

Fall 2011               Semester of study of English and Irish Literature in Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland

2011-2013             Member of Soul Scribes Slam Poetry Group of Dartmouth College

Fall 2010               Employment in the Production Staff of Dartmouth´s Theatre: set-construction and light crew

                              (Intern for credited set designer Georgi Alexi-Meskhishvili)

2008-2009             Artist for Biosphere Science Publication in Hunter College High School

Fall 2009               Internship with accessory designer Bliss Lau, New York


2008-2009             Fashion and Accessory design courses taken at Parsons New School, New York City

2007-2010             Internship in PS3, a New York City Public School, afterschool program coaching 1st-5th graders in                                   gymnastics.


T h e   S c i e n c e s


2014 - 2015           Employment in the Ashworth Laboratories – the Natural History Collections of the University of                                       Edinburgh, doing display design and construction for Platypus Exhibit, research and data-file                                             management.

Summer 2013        Field hand and translator for the Wildlife Conservation Society Beringia Project in Eastern Chukotka,                               Russia. I was employed by the WCS in a joint American-Russian ornithology field camp, banding                                     and monitoring wader bird species in Chaun Bay on the Chukotka Peninsula.

Fall 2012               Employment in USGS Alaska Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit, Institute of                                                     Arctic Biology of University of Alaska, Fairbanks, with Professor Mark S. Wipfli and Jason                                               McFarland (

                              Attended Conference: 15th Alaska Bird Conference in Anchorage

2011-2012             Howard Hughes Medical Institute Intern at the Institute of Arctic Studies, Evironmental geology                                       department of Dartmouth College.

                              Mentor: Ross Virginia, Director of Institute of Arctic Studies, professor of Environmental Science,                                   (

2011-2012             Green Educator in the Sustainable Living Center, Dartmouth College.

Summer 2011        Employment as a field assistant researcher in Mt. Moosilauke Experimental Forest for temperate                                        forest dynamics and management research for Dartmouth College.

                               Mentor:  Professor David R. Peart, Head of Dartmouth Department of Biological Science (David.                            

Winter 2011           Employment in Professor Brad Taylor’s Aquatic Ecology and Entomology Lab: Project on the effect                                  of Didymosphenia geminate on freshwater ecosystems in Colorado streams

2009-2010              Student Research Mentoring Program at American Museum of Natural History

                               Mentor: Oscar Pineda, (

Summer 2008        Earthwatch: Ecological Studies of Moose and Wolves on Isle Royale Volunteer, Northern Michigan,                                  Isle Royale National Park.

                               Volunteering with a scientific expedition studying the predator-prey relationships of an isolated                                          population of moose and wolves on Isle Royal for Rolf Peterson (

2008                       Robert F. Kennedy internship program (Electric Spin Resonance Dating)

                               Mentor: Dr. Bonnie Blackwell, Williams College and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution


W i l d e r n e s s ,   A d v e n t u r e ,   a n d   O u t d o o r   L e a d e r s h i p


Summer 2014      Crowdfunded Adventure-Art Project “In Basho’s Footsteps” (Featured as 1st Arts Category                                                Kickstarter of Scotland) culminates in a 3-month long, 2,000km hike around the mountainous coast of                              Japan’s main island Honshu in the footsteps of the 17th century haiku poet Matsuo Basho. In the                                        process of this journey research (consisting of poetry, travel sketches and paintings) was accumulated                                for the creation of an Exhibition (Aug 2015) and an Artists book about the trip, coming out in Fall                                    2015.

                             Read more about In Basho's Footsteps: IN BASHO's FOOTSTEPS

                             Or read the Press about the adventure and exhibition: PRESS ABOUT IN BASHO's FOOTSTEPS


Summer 2012      I became the youngest woman to circumnavigate Lake Baikal by kayak. I paddled the perimeter of                                   Siberia´s greatest lake (the largest lake in the world by volume) in 45 days, collecting hydrological,                                   ecological, and ethnographic data to be published later in a scientific report to Dartmouth College, as                                 well as an article in a popular outdoor magazine.

                            Read more about The Lake Baikal Circumnavigation

                            Read the Press about the adventure  in THE DARTMOUTH

                            Or read Anya's Account in WOODSMOKE OUTDOOR MAGAZINE


Spring 2011        Conservation Chair of Ledyard Canoe Club. My responsibilities included promoting environmental                                   practice in the Dartmouth College outdoors club, showing environmental movies, fundraising, and                                     coordinating with local environmental organizations to do club-wide river clean-ups.

2010-2013           Member of Dartmouth Outing Club and Ledyard Canoe Club.

Summer 2010      IWLS (International Wilderness Leadership School): Leading Sea Kayak Expeditions, Glacier Bay,                                   Alaska 

                            Read more about the Glacier Bay Circumnavigation


Winter 2010        Outward Bound Wilderness Expeditions: Dog-sledding & Skiing Expedition Training, Northern                                         Minnesota

2006-2010           Member of Varsity Cross-Country Track Team in Hunter College High School


C e r t i f i c a t i o n s


Fall 2013         Disclosure Scotland (Certified to work in Scottish Public Schools)

Winter 2011    Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)

Winter 2011    Wilderness First Aid (WFA)

Spring 2011     Swift Water Rescue Technician (SRT)



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