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Titleless Mythology

The wind carries

My love away

My tears navigate now the river

Not the strongest hurricane

Disturbs the mountain

Therefore I have anchored myself to the summit

Not anymore,

Now I want to dissolve

In the wind, to melt

Down into the river, to embrace

With my body the world

But so long is the world

And so short are my arms

That I pretend to be the proud

King of my mountain

All about this I want

To tell you but my tongue

Is so heavy, so heavy

Is my heart

In my chest, my feet

Are stuck and my liver

Is open and bleeding.

I have consumed my nature

In the fire of being human

And now every night my liver is open

For the eagle to enter

And devour me again

Our First Artistic Collaboration - a book of Pablo's poetry and Anya's art (coming out soon)


Titleless Mythology had its beginning when Anya said it was a shame the only way to preserve Pablo's poetry was to gather the napkins, scraps of odd paper, and notebook sheets that he had had in his hands when the inspiration to write came on, before he lost them.


Pablo's poetry deals with themes of mythology, nature, and the conflicts of the human condition. While Pablo read and reread each poem, Anya meditated on the meaning of each without moving, until an image was formed in her mind. Only then would she paint her impressions, in just a few spontaneous brushstrokes.


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