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A r t                                                                                                            T i m e l i n e        


   D i o n y s u s  :  T r i s t e r i a

Exhibition of Paintings, Sculpture, and Performance

The works in this exhibition come from an intense collaboration between Anya Gleizer and the artist collective La Malle des Indes around the figure of Dionysus. While past performances coming out of this collaboration (Dionysus: Rites to Rave and Dionysus Lives) were centered on the more festive aspect of Dionysus, the spirit of Dionysus : Tristeria is like a hidden seed in a heap of compost. The art in this exhibition finds nourishment and beauty in the long night of the underworld, and hints at the unstoppable coming of life already present in decomposition.

In a world under the constant threat of climate change, increasing social polarization, and escalating global conflicts, Dionysus : Tristeria takes a surprisingly peaceful stance. In the present exhibition, turmoil is not seen as opposed to serenity, but as a necessary condition for it. Regeneration is already latent within a period of darkness, danger and conflict.

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