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Hi I'm Pablo!


Adventure, and travel in general, have always been very important for my writing. I have always travelled extensively, but especially so this last year. In 2013 I left Madrid and hitchhiked to Norkapp (at 70.2 º N) through Finland. From there I went to the mountains of Abisko in the arctic, where I began hiking alone. This experience provided me with inspiration both for philosophy and for literature, but more importantly, it gave me the distance and quietness to reflect and gain a deeper understanding of myself and my relation to the world around me.  I believe this to be essential to creative thought.

From the arctic I took on hitchhiking again, all the way down to North Africa, this section with Anya.  Today I find myself in Edinburgh, where next year I will study a MSc in Philosophy. I am about to finish a Post-graduate certificate in writing with UC Berkeley. Since moving to Edinburgh I have written poetry extensively and I have been preparing my first novel. I have also been collaborating with other artists in theatre projects. Together with Anya, I have created and compiled my first collection of poetry, in the form of an artist book. This book, called Titleless Mythology (which you can read about under the Titleless Mythology Tab, and can get as one of the prizes for backing our current kickstarter) is due to be published in October, so keep your eye out for it!


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