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Opportunities for Sponsorship 


Sponsoring creative and environmental initiatives has many benefits and sends a good message to customers and followers! If your company

       is focused on adventure travel, outdoor sports and activities,

       if you sell or promote gear for outdoor travel and survival,

       if your business sells art supplies,

       promotes multicultural learning,

       publishes poetry or prose,

       if your company places importance on environmental awareness,

       if your business has a vested interest in wilderness conservation 

       or if your business has nothing to do with any of the above but         desires more attention from the targetted audiences of our site (adventure travelors, outdoor enthusiasts, environmental activists, artists, and writers)

then sponsoring StreamsandMountains would be great for you!


Sponsoring our trips, either financially or by donating equipment has many benefits:

  • Gear donations are taken as opportunities to promote your company. While on our adventures we take professional-quality images, which you, as a donor, will be given access to, and will be able to use in your future promotions. When using donated gear we keep our donors in mind and make sure your logo is seen both by people we meet along the way and in our photographs.

  • Gear donations are also opportunities to get your product reviewed by people who know their gear and put it to its most severe test. We will be happy to test-run your products and write reviews about the benefits and drawbacks we experience.

  • Our website gets a lot of traffic from around the world and our stories are published in international newspapers, outdoor magazines, and blogs. This publicity will help your company find exposure with our readers.

  • We are active in different social media websites and have a lot of followers who read our posts and updates about our travels. Sponsoring us will expose your company to our audiences and bring your business attention through social media.

  • Anya Gleizer's artwork has been exhibited in multiple venues and is sold in galleries. Finacial sponsorship on the individual level through crowdfunding platforms such as kickstarter, gives you the unique chance to get one of her artworks at a fraction of the normal price. Sponsoring her work through donating materials or money can also mean being featured as an official sponsor in exhibitions which will bring your business attention within circles of art-goers.

  • Pablo Fernandez is working on publishing a novel as well as his first collection of poetry. An advantage of sponsoring his work on an individual level through crowdfunding platforms such as kickstarter, gives you the opportunity to get exclusive editions of these books before they appear on the market.

Sponsorship gives your company the unique opportunity to profit from these benefits and exposes your business as one supportive of cultural and environmental projects, as well as the arts!

It will also help your services or your products gain attention from a new and international audience


We work with companies of different sizes and focuses. Therefore, we are very flexible in designing different sponsorship agreements that suit each sponsor individually. As we understand our sponsoring companies have different needs and desires we are happy to work together with you to create an agreement so we can fulfill these needs as long as they do not compromise the nature of our trips. We are open to your ideas!!! 

Interested in Sponsoring Streams and Mountains?

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