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Streams and Mountains is a page describing our art and adventures. Our names are Anya Gleizer and Pablo Fernandez. We have traveled far, first separately, then together, always looking for the same thing. It took many years to realize that what we were looking for could be found in traveling itself. 


What is the soul of adventure? 

It is a jumping off, a way to let go and lose yourself, a complete immersion in the unknown. Adventures are never about the records you set, the distances you go, or the peaks you summit. They are about the friends you make, the small yet immense experiences you have along the way, the moments you are about to break down when you discover the energy to get up and keep going. In short, you do not measure adventures in distance, but in depth. 

We have always been interested in how adventure, solitude, nature and experiencing other cultures defy our preconceptions, and sometimes open windows into the comprehension of something otherwise hidden to our everyday conscience. It is the same search that has brought us both to art. Anya is a practicing painter, Pablo, a writer. 

We can write long sentences about our adventures, we can provide endless details of a mountain or a river, but you will not see the mountain, or feel the spray of the river on your cheeks. Only through art we can approach the inexpressible beauty that we find in nature, in our adventures, and bring it to you. 

Thus all of our adventures have a twist: every trip has an element of artistic discovery. On this website you will be able to see both photos and stories from our trips and the art that results from them.

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