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Helllooooo! Our Flickr is created and up and we will be updating with a leg of the journey each week. Right now our week's walk from Tokyo to the mountain temples of Nikko are edited and already up! Nikko was our first stop on our walk around Japan. We started walking from Basho's old house on the Sumida river in the center of Tokyo and 40km later we had still not left the Megalopolis behind. Our first days of adjusting the the road, the heat, and the weight of our packs were spent escaping the web of the city's highways. On our fourth day on the road we accidently wandered off our way and discovered the Daijiji Buddhist Temple and befriended the head monk Kaijin Hayashi and his wife Sachiko. This friendship opened so much of Japan for us. Our hosts treated us to an unforseen glimpse of temple daily life, of Japanese culture and (delicious) Japanese food! They taught us much and we are incredibly greatful to them for their selflessness and hospitality. After leaving Daijiji we made our way to the famed World Heritage Site of the Holy Mountain of Nikko where we were to stay with Sachko's mother who hosted us in her closed-for-the-season restaurant. The path we took to Nikko led us through beautiful dense groves of Japanese Cedars and through rice paddies where the rice was only just beginning to grow. Here is a concise photo record of this stage of our journey.

Please Enjoy

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